Beyond Capital Campaign


What is our financial goal for this campaign?


We are seeking to raise $1.5 million through our Beyond campaign.


How long will the campaign last?


It will be a three year commitment for most people.


What are the goals of the Beyond campaign?


As we look to the future, we want to leave this place better than we found it. To that end, we are seeking to enhance our grounds by developing the vacant space on the west side of our property to include a pavilion and beautiful landscaping to bring it into harmony with the rest of our campus.


How has the Covid experience shaped our vision?


Covid has reminded us all that there is always the possibility for something in life for which we cannot prepare. Having an outdoor space available for worship and fellowship on our grounds will enhance our ability to serve our church and community better should a similar challenge arise in the future.


When will construction begin?


Given the volatility of the market and the continuing rise of cost of raw materials, we hope to begin construction sometime next year.


What types of ministries might take place in this new space?


The pavilion will truly be a multipurpose space. We envision outdoor worship services, church fellowship gathers, weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, opportunities for Sunday school classes to gather outdoors, and more. The possibilities are truly endless. We cannot wait to see all of the ways that this new space can be used for the Glory of God.

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