Sunday morning learning opportunities for adults vary by age, gender and study preferences.


Some of the classes follow a traditional Sunday School lesson book while others utilize the Internet to research material based on the week’s lectionary scripture. The class descriptions which follow will provide an overview of each available study group.


Visitors and new members are encouraged to visit a variety of classes.


Virtual Zoom opportunities to join classes are available. Please email the church office at for more information.


Room 5 - Jonathan & Tabitha Palmer

The Journey Sunday school class a moderator led class that follows the online Faith Element bible study. This style of class promotes group dialogue through video, podcasts, and scripture lessons. Each week we begin with a relevant video or discussion topic, a bible background video on the scripture, then follow with questions and a group discussion. With many diverse backgrounds there is often laughter, deep thought, and hopefully a wider understanding of how we can apply these teachings in our daily lives. We have folks from different walks of life, various ages, and we come together to grow a little closer in the journey of life as we learn and grow in Christ.


The Journey supports missions and community development through our involvement in FISH food pantry, Western Heights Christmas Party, Appalachian Outreach, West Hills Baptist Pre- School, Vacation Bible School, Better Together events, and by supporting our children and youth at Passport Camps and yearly retreats.


We would love to have you join us. We’ll laugh together, pray together, and hopefully we’ll grow together.



Room 44 - Steve Baker

The Brothers And Sisters In Christ (B.A.S.I.C.) class is a loving, supporting, and ministering family of God’s children who draw upon the words of Jesus in Matthew 12:50, “For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister.” We encourage anyone seeking a small, encouraging, and cheerful group of believers to join us as we grow together in Christ. Our class uses a very relaxed, interactive format for class discussion augmented with audio-visual equipment. Be as quiet or as vocal as you wish! All ages are welcome—couples or singles.


Each week in our “ministry spotlight” we highlight the opportunity to reach out during the upcoming week with acts of Christian love to a specific individual or family in our church or community. Recognizing the power of prayer, our prayer requests are voiced and emailed each week to class members as a daily reminder to pray for one another. A time for “good news” is also provided for sharing God’s goodness in our lives during the past week.

Please look for our welcome screen off the left side of the gym—”Welcome, We’re Glad You’re Here!”



Room 25 - Dr. Bob Overholt

“Enoch walked with God” (Genesis 5:24)

The Enoch class is a group of Christian men and women whose purpose is spiritual growth and sharing Christian fellowship. We are dedicated to learning and sharing the “Good News of Christ’s teaching”.


In Sunday School, we study specific verses in the Bible and try our best to relate them to “real life situations”. We have a marvelous time in group discussions with laughter and learning and try to come away with improvement of our spiritual life.


The Enoch class is involved in many missions including: Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home, the Christmas Angel Tree, Western Heights Christmas party, FISH and Appalachian Outreach. Our fellowship activities include mountain picnics, Christmas party, beach trips, and even baseball games. We love our church picnics and many of our members sing in the choir. Sounds like great is! If you are out to learn, to enjoy our love, humor and good fellowship, WE WANT YOU IN OUR CLASS.



Ladies: Room 43 - Clay Mulford, Shirley Mynatt &Libby Willson

Emeritus Agape, the Greek word for Christian love, best describes our women’s class: love for Christ that manifests itself in love for people. The focus of our class is on study, service and support. We believe Bible study and prayer lead to spiritual growth.


Our class offers many opportunities for service. Some of the mission activities include the following: Hands Up for Women, a program to help women move from joblessness and sometimes abusive relationships to a more productive life, shoe boxes of gifts for Samaritan’s Purse, and additional mission activities as suggested by our mission coordinator.


We are very supportive and caring within our class and within our church as well as our community. We have well-balanced and structured leadership and strong participation from class members. Monthly class meetings provide opportunities for social interaction and planning for service projects.



Room 41 - Susan Buhl

The Joy Class is a diverse group: men and women who are Married, Single, Widowed, Divorced, Still Working Full-Out, Retired, Healthy, Tired, Happy, Sometimes Struggling, but grateful to be in prayer and worship with others.


All ages are welcomed; for the moment, most of us are between 50 and 80 years young.

Our class format is to read and discuss the scriptures to be read during the worship service and to ponder the sermon title. We usually know by Wednesday what those will be, and we enjoy having time to consider them before Sunday.


We share a supper party once a month in a home. We share prayer request and we pray for many. We encourage each other in the knowledge that we are children of God, and we expect the support of the Holy Spirit to keep us close to Our Lord and to have the courage to put our faith to work in the full lives we are living.

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